About Us
Fashion Jewelry Boise, Idaho

Company History:

SSS began in 2019, started by a party of one lucky enough to have some very supportive people in her corner. Located in Boise, Idaho, and wherever Gem Shows might be! While currently a solo operation, who knows what the future holds? :) Jewelry is something I fell into making rather on accident, thanks to a friend who asked me one simple question: “Want to get together and make some stuff?” From there, I created off and on, when I had time and the ability to buy materials. Until layoffs came around in December 2018, and it felt like the sign I’d been waiting for. I love creating things and making people smile. It’s funny how big of a difference putting on a necklace you love makes in your day. Or how seeing a piece of artwork you like can make you smile and shift the tone of your mood. Small changes add up to big ones, and I love being part of that process.