Citrines & Kindness

To begin, I must inform you that today I was handed an entire container of candy corn. Somehow, I managed not to eat them all. Thus, the tone for this post is set. Onwards! :)

It’s now November, if you hadn’t noticed. If you were still clinging to October by your fingernails, well, my apologies. Thanksgiving is coming, which means it’s practically Christmas, especially since Thanksgiving falls so late this year. If you haven’t thought about gifts yet, now’s the time. Seriously. Buy stuff. Or, I guess giving love from your heart to people you care about is fiiiiiiiiine, too… (You can read my sarcasm font, right?)

Anyway. Our birthstones this month are Citrine and Topaz. But we’re going to talk about citrines first because, well, it’s my blog and also I said so. Coincidentally, November is my birthday month, and I’ve had many an argument over my birthstone with well-meaning folk who insist it’s topaz. And only topaz. A-hem.

Citrine, Crystal, Stone, Quartz, Gem, Mineral, Gemstone

A lovely–usually orange–stone, citrine may encourage motivation, creativity, and even increase concentration. Color ranges from pale golden yellow/honey to nearly brown. This stone might even assist you in attracting wealth and prosperity. Just don’t lose all you’ve got to acquire one, okay?

Fun fact: Citrine used to get itself confused with topaz quite often. It is durable and (mostly) affordable, so it’s generally the top-selling yellow/orange gemstone. For those wondering, its Mohs hardness sits at a comfortable 7. Apparently, citrine is the stone of choice for the 13th anniversary, and don’t act like you knew that already!

If you’re not knee-deep in pretending you’re not decorating for Christmas at this very moment, the 13th of November also happens to be World Kindness Day. Has someone done something kind for you lately, or have you taken the time out of your busy schedule to do so for somebody else? It can be easy to forget about those around us, while we stay in our little bubbles of hurryhurryhurry and gogogo.

Let’s face it—we all like to smile, and get a compliment now and again. Maybe today’s the day you’ll give (or receive) one. I don’t know about you, but the headlines seem to get more and more depressing the longer you scroll through Facebook, or look at the news. Perhaps your Random Act of Kindness will be a bright headline in someone’s day, or week, or month. Either way…

Have a wonderful day, and as always, thanks for reading.

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