Happy Halloween! But Also, Candy Corn.

Alright. We’re about to dive into a polarizing topic. One which has divided the masses for years. Are you ready?

That’s right. Candy Corn.

I mean, it is Halloween. So, I don’t even have to be sorry for the scare! Regardless of how you feel about these (adorable) little candies (which may or may not ever go bad, ever), it’s Candy Corn Day! If you’re a Candy Corn hater, you’re probably disgusted by the thought of an actual ‘day’ dedicated to scarfing down oddly textured striped goods. On the other hand, if not, what a great excuse to eat some and avoid judgment from your peers.

“What?” You can say around the third handful you just crammed in your mouth. “It’s Candy Corn Day!”

This month, we’ve talked about October’s birthstones, and hope you have your jewelry ready for Halloween! Whether you’re dressing up or staying home with some cozy socks and a bowl of popcorn, we hope you have a delightful and safe holiday.

And, if for some reason you’re here, reading this blog…did you know some gemstones can actually change color? Seems rather fitting for Halloween, considering all the changes some of us go through in order to frighten I mean entertain small children. Alexandrite is one such stone, and depending on the lighting, may give you greens, reds, or even blue or purple in artificial vs natural lighting. Ironically, alexandrite was discovered in an emerald mine, and thus believed to be an emerald, since it happened to be green at the time.

Garnets and rare types of sapphires can also show color-changing abilities. It’s too bad that sort of thing doesn’t work on one’s hair…and don’t even start with that heat-sensitive hair color. Who do you know that walks around with a blow dryer to show that off? Exactly.

Alright y’all, that’s it for this week, given that we’ve still got some work to do here! Stay safe out there, and remember to have fun. ❤

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