Angelite Necklace


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Note: This necklace may be purchased with matching earrings as a Set!

Soft colors and gleaming crystal combine in this necklace. Your friends might joke about the devil horns holding up that halo, but nobody can deny your angelic tendencies when you’re wearing this!
However, because this necklace features a removeable charm, if you feel particularly fiesty and want to swap out the angel wing for a tiny crystal devil, who’s to say you can’t? :)

Please note that stones may have natural variation in color or size. Pearls do need a little extra care as they can be sensitive to the oils in our skin and lose their luster.

Fun Facts: Pearls may reduce anxiety, frustration and worry, while morganite can make anything seem possible. Kunzite supports love, and overriding negative thought patterns.

★ Materials: Genuine kunzite, morganite, pearls, and mother of pearl. Swarovski, plated silver, pewter, stainless steel.

★ Length: Approximately 20″, not including charm dangle, with short extension.