Ocean’s Call Necklace


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Warning: Wearing this necklace may cause you to stand still, staring out at the water… for a long time… never really knowing why…

Obligatory Moana references aside, this beautiful knotted necklace of aquamarine and quartz is sure to remind you of the ocean wherever you go. With splashes of morganite and Swarovski crystal, complete with a sparkly toggle clasp, you really can’t go wrong.

Fun Facts: Aquamarine is said to promote safe travels, particularly while at sea, and morganite can make anything seem possible. Quartz may help amplify the energy of stones it’s close to, and reveal truths.

★ Materials: Genuine Aquamarine, Morganite, Swarovski crystal, glass, sterling & pewter, thread.

★ Length: To be added soon.