Precious Time




Pocket-watches are truly lovely things, both as works of art and to tell time. While this piece may not function as an accurate clock, it’s a lovely reminder that, regardless of how we feel about it, time continues moving forward. Perhaps, though, with the key, we might be able to turn it back someday…

This front-closure necklace features a Swarovski key and stainless steel chain. More Swarovski dazzles amongst moonstone, aquamarine, kyanite, and apatite. Please be advised that the dangling pieces are delicate, and, as with all jewelry you treasure, should not be subjected to rough treatment.

Fun Facts: Moonstone may attune us to the cycles of time, while harnessing the power of moon and water. A ‘new beginning’ stone, it also stabilizes emotion, releases tension, and helps us to empathize with others. Aquamarine is said to promote safe travels, particularly at sea. It may also encourage optimism. Kyanite, on the other hand, is a calming stone, and brings tranquility along for the ride. Last but not least, Apatite encourages a flexible attitude, and helps us to create structure.


★ Materials: Genuine Aquamarine, Moonstone, Kyanite, and Apatite. Swarovski, crystal, glass, stainless steel, pewter.

★ Length: 20″, dangle approx 3 1/2″


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